Maritime tank containers - Contêineres Marítimos Tanque - contenedores marítimos tanque

In the vast world of maritime transportation, safety and efficiency are unwavering pillars. Maritime tank containers stand out as essential solutions for transporting various liquids, from food to chemicals. In this article, we will delve into the functionality of these specialized containers, highlighting their design, applications, and key considerations to ensure successful transportation.

Filling and Thermal Expansion: An Essential Balance

One of the fundamental factors in liquid transportation using tank containers is the filling level. Striking a balance between proper filling and allowing for thermal expansion is crucial. Containers should be filled to at least 80% of their capacity to prevent dangerous liquid movements during transit.

Conversely, it is generally avoided to fill containers above 95% as space is needed to accommodate thermal expansion. Temperature can significantly impact the volume of liquid within the container.

Maritime tank containers. This thermal expansion can be calculated using the formula:

ΔV = Va · γ · ΔT

Ve = Va (1 + γ · ΔT)

ΔV: change in volume
Va: initial volume at temperature a
Ve: final volume at temperature e
γ: coefficient of cubic expansion (thermal)
ΔT: temperature difference in Kelvin

Design and Safety Stages

Maritime tank containers are meticulously designed to ensure cargo safety and compliance with operational requirements. Those intended for transporting food must be clearly labeled as “potable liquids only,” guaranteeing that liquids are maintained in suitable conditions for human consumption.

Certain hazardous materials must be transported in hermetically sealed tank containers, with no inlet or outlet openings below the liquid’s surface. These containers are designed to withstand an operating pressure of up to 3 bar above atmospheric pressure, and they undergo a pressure test of 4.5 bar to ensure their integrity.

If the cargo requires controlled temperature transportation, tank containers can be equipped with insulation or heating systems. Cargo temperature can be precisely monitored using temperature sensors, allowing for full control throughout the journey.

Diverse Applications

Tank containers open doors to a wide range of applications, from food to chemicals. They are the ideal means for safely and efficiently transporting various liquids.

In the realm of food, fruit juices, liquors, and sweet oils find their place within these specialized containers, maintaining freshness and flavor during transit.

In the world of chemicals, these containers become guardians of hazardous materials, including fuels, toxic substances, and anti-corrosive agents. Safety in transporting such substances is of utmost importance, and tank containers provide the necessary confidence.


Maritime tank containers are engineering masterpieces in the realm of transportation. Their meticulous design, precise functionality, and versatility make them an essential component of modern logistics. Whether transporting vital food for global nutrition or critical chemicals for industry, these containers play a pivotal role in the international supply chain. Their ability to maintain the safety, integrity, and quality of transported liquids is unparalleled. If you wish to explore more about the diverse types of maritime containers, we invite you to delve into our dedicated article on this topic.

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