por qué necesitas una casa container - Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home - Por que você precisa de uma casa container?

Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home?

Maybe you’re new to the idea of why you need a shipping container home and want to learn a bit more. We believe that living in such a home is incredible, and we think you’ll love it too.

Ecological Design

casa container sustentable Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home?
Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home

So, if you want to do your part for the planet and be more environmentally friendly, build your shipping container home and make it an eco-friendly house. Most of us have the willingness but not the money for this kind of thing, so what else can you do?

There are nearly twenty million containers worldwide right now, with approximately one-third of them currently in use. There are literally millions of these containers that are not in use and could be recycled. Recycling containers into buildings is one of the most environmentally friendly approaches, as it avoids the energy-intensive process of melting steel during recycling.

Another environmentally friendly solution considered by some is log cabins. These certainly have viable value, but containers offer several distinct advantages over them. First, they are not susceptible to rot or other fungal infections. Second, wood is prone to shaping, whereas steel is not.

Lastly, water leaks are much more common in log cabins compared to steel roofs in container homes.

Interesting Aesthetics

No one can argue that shipping container homes are not aesthetically impressive! Some of the ones we have seen in recent years have been remarkably beautiful. The combination of the rawness of steel containers with 21st-century style has resulted in some of the most iconic homes of our time.

Typically, we would associate design and aesthetics like this with a million-dollar price tag. But that’s not necessarily the case with shipping container homes.

Construction Speed

Another reason why you need a shipping container home is that they can be built at an incredible speed. The typical container is over 8 feet tall and 40 feet long. They can be placed side by side and stacked on top of each other like massive Lego blocks! Once the foundations are in place, the ground floor can be built in less than a day.

The average time it takes to build a traditional family home is several months, after obtaining planning permission. Most container homes can be built much faster than this. Even complex container homes are being constructed within six months.

For example, Todd and Di Miller, a couple from Brisbane, managed to build their dream home in under six months. This included losing weeks of time due to floods and storms during construction. We have even seen some container homes that consist of a single 40-foot by 8-foot container.

The container is prefabricated and has everything you need, including a kitchen, living space, and a bedroom. They are literally delivered to the designated location with a set of keys for your new home. That’s how fast it is!

Reasonable Prices

With the current global economy, everyone is conscious of trying to save a bit of money here and there. There’s nothing better to watch your money disappear than building an expensive home. Fortunately, this is not the case with shipping container homes.

If you compare the costs of a container home to traditional homes, you can generally see significant savings in costs, especially if you do a lot of the work yourself. Of course, with containers, much of the structure is already done for you.

Design Flexibility

casa container lujo Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home?
Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Home

The humble container is incredibly flexible and can be used to create almost anything you can imagine. The beauty of containers is that they are already built, so all you need to do is cut and arrange them to make your perfect design.

With containers, you can cut the internal walls to open them up and create truly tremendous living spaces. Because container sizes are mostly uniform, you can easily stack and fit them perfectly together.

Virtually Indestructible

In case you’re still in doubt, the final reason why you need a shipping container home to live in is that they are practically indestructible. It’s no wonder that the US military uses containers as shelters! These containers are designed to withstand up to thirty tons of weight and can be stacked, making them highly adaptable. They can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.

¿Es Seguro Vivir En Una Casa de Contenedores? - É seguro viver em uma casa de contêineres? - Is it safe to live in a container home?

Is it safe to live in a container home?

Many people come to our site and see shipping container homes and fall in love with how incredible and affordable they are, but they always want to know if it is safe to live in a container home.


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