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Casa prefabricada de contenedores, paquetes planos, para el ocio y el turismo al aire libre, en Door & amp;

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Constructores y contratistas famosos de China para departamentos residenciales, hoteles y edificios comerciales de gran altura fabricados en acero Somos: el fabricante de grado superior de China para la fabricación de estructuras de acero
Un nivel para el diseño profesional de proyectos de estructuras de acero
Miembro de la Asociación de Estructura de Acero de China y de la Asociación de la Industria de Estructura de Metal de Shanghai.

Vicepresidente de la Asociación de la Industria de Estructura de Acero de Zhejiang.

Prefabricated Multi Floor Flat Pack Container House For Outdoor Leisure And Tourism

​China Famous Builders and Contractors for Residential partments, hotels and Commercial steel fabricated high rise buildings

We are:

China’s Top Grade Manufacturer for Steel Structure Manufacturing

              A-level for Professional Project Design of Steel Structure

                      National Grade 1 Speciality Contractor for Steel Structure


Standing director of China’s Construction and Metal Structure Association

Member of China’s Steel Structure Association and Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association

Deputy chairman of Zhejiang Steel Structure Industry Association






Nuestro grupo introdujo desde el extranjero las líneas de producción profesional de clase mundial de estructura de acero, cuenta con las líneas de producción de vigas en H automáticas más avanzadas, armazones de tuberías, líneas de producción de vigas de caja, punzonado hidráulico CNC después del corte líneas de producción de acero de tipos C y Z, pared Los paneles de techo, la línea de producción de paneles sándwich metálicos, etc., pueden completar todo tipo de productos de acero de estructuras ligeras, de acero pesado, de estructuras multiespaciales de gran altura con alta calidad y eficiencia.


Our group introduced from abroad the world-class professional production lines of steel structure, has the most advanced automatic H-beam production lines, pipe truss, box beam production lines, CNC hydraulic punching after-cutting C and Z types steel production lines, wall & roof panels, metal sandwich panel production line, etc., can complete all kinds of light steel, heavy steel, high-rise multi-spatial structure steel products processing tasks with high quality and efficiently.


We possess the unique most professional and best packaging in China presently – FRAMING PACKAGE, which perfectly protects the structural steel members from any impact damage during the transport. Of course, we also can package according to customer’s requirements. Generally, be loaded into 40/20GP, 40HQ, 40OT or Bulk carrier.


Our group has over 1,200 employees of whom 206 are engineering technicians of all levels and all kinds and over 60 are state Grade 1, Grade 2 registered structure engineers, builders and architects.

The company has senior colleges and professional technology design organizations as the technology backup force and has established wide cooperation and R&D relations with such technology research institutes asZhejiang University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Zhejiang Shuren University, etc.


Standard: America Standard, Australia Standard, England Standard, China Standard, etc.

Software: SAP2000, Auto CAD, PKPM, RSTAB, PROE, MTS, Tekla Structures(Xsteel), 3D3S, Tarch, etc.



Our group has established an advanced physical and chemical testing center of steel structure, owns the testing equipment such as electronic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, elemental analyzer, torsional testing machine, impact testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, blue ink coating thickness gauge, liquid crystal pendulum clock impactor, etc. In a large number of engineering practices, the company organized a high-quality construction team who grasp the leading construction technology, found scientific and strict construction management control process, has a control of the whole construction process to ensure the project quality.

   Nondestructive Flaw Detection  Competition of Welding Operators     Technology Exchange


Systematic Quality Process and Progress Control documentation:  our fabrication process has been controlled by series of documentation and quality testing which are monitored and certificated by BV, SGS, SKM, JACOBES etc world-famous third party inspection organization.


We have CE certificate,  ISO9001 Quality Control Certificate,  ISO14001 Environment-friendly Certificate etc systematic certificates to ensure our whole production progress controllable.

We also have systematic Quality Process and Progress Control documentation: Our fabrication process have been controlled by series of documentation and quality testing which are monitored and certificated by BV, SGS, SKM, JACOBES etc world-famous third party inspection organization.


AREVA Transformer Factory Project:

Covering an area totaled 33,842 sq.m, the program consumed steel in 4299.5 tons, the column height is 31-33 m, and the inside is installed with the bunk bed traveling crane with the maximum hoisting capacity in 400 tons.

CHILE Piping-truss Workshops Project:

90m Single-span Workshops.

NEW ZEALAND Barns / Grain Warehouses:

light guage steel structure with cold bended profiles.

BOLIVIA Cement Plant:

Steel consumption: 3,655.72 tons in the first phase, 7,200 tons in the second phase.

LDK Polysilicon Public Project:

Was generally contracted by FLUOR CO., LTD., the total steel consumption volume for Phase I project reached over 30,000 tons and this program was in a high-rise steel structure of 4-7 floors.



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