Henry 4.75 GAL HE869 Revestimiento de techo de goma reflectante de aluminio premium RV TECHO

* For whatever reason, I am not allowed to ship these via USPS, they must go FedEx, must be shipped individually, cannot be boxed so a surcharge is applied by them automatically – These are therefore VERY expensive for me to ship… I work by myself and do not have a account with a shipper with any sort of discounts, please keep this in mind while considering your purchase

New Henry HE869 4.75 gal Rubberized Aluminium Roof Coating. Same as new can HE555

New, unopened and unused.

Photograph represents average can from my stock, container may have some dents, no leaks… I have a bunch of these that were never used on a large job. These are heavily discounted with free shipping – compare to Home Depot price of $122

Product Information –

14″T x 12″W x 12″D

Application – Brush / Spray on

Approx coverage per gal – 75 sq ft

Reflectivity rating % – 70

Surface recommended – Coated Roofs, Metal, Metal Roofs, Rubberized Asphalt, Rubberized Mastic

Elastomeric aluminum roof coating is a premium, highly reflective roof coating made with SBS polymer which give the coating its outstanding strength and elastic properties . It is an excellent top surfacing for new or weathered asphalt surfaces, smooth modified bitumen membranes and metal roofs. It’s highly reflective properties will extend roof life expectancy by retarding the adverse effects of solar radiation and reducing roof surface temperatures. It also reduces interior building temperatures

Rubberized – 300% elongation, responding water, one coating application, low temperature application, lowers roof and interior temperatures, 12-year warranty, suitable for commercial, institutional, and Industrial applications, can be used over new roofs or to renew and extend the performance of existing surfaces.

Professional packaging and shipping with full insurance will be provided, please see my store 4 similar and collectible items.

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